Trading vs Poker: “Same same but different?”

This article starts with a tinge of colloquialism - "same same but different". Today, we understand how trading and poker have a few things in common. In both fields, you will find consistently profitable individuals that have made a fortune across decades. Now, if you've never studied poker like a math subject, you'd probably think its … Continue reading Trading vs Poker: “Same same but different?”


The Best Investors You Probably Havent Heard Of

Most people new to investing would have only heard of Warren Buffett and George Soros. So to broaden your horizons here are 3 great investors who have consistently achieved spectacular returns and books that can help you achieve similar returns.

The Trend Followers.

You may have heard of the maxim "the trend is your friend until the end when it bends". Actually, there is a unique group of traders that subscribe to this concept of trend following. In the fund industry, Commodities Trading Advisors (CTA) are known to be trend followers that trade a myriad of asset classes … Continue reading The Trend Followers.

Temasek’s Largest Holdings

Love them or hate them doesn't change the fact that it is one of Singapore's Sovereign wealth funds. So here is a compiled list of some of Temasek's biggest holdings!

Celebrating the Success of The 7th China Forex Expo

The 7th China Forex Expo, held from May 18-19 in Great China International Square, was a huge success with over 7,000 visitors attending and 102 thousand clicks on the live streaming platform. This time, they also added this year’s hottest trend ‘blockchain’ into the exhibition as well as conference. The clashes of western fintech and … Continue reading Celebrating the Success of The 7th China Forex Expo

An Alternative Way To Invest In Real Estate

The Asian investment philosophy emphasizes on the merits of having real estate within an investment portfolio, preferably one that generates regular cash flow. Some of the wealthiest people in Asia own multiple real estate across the region and have benefitted greatly from its capital appreciation. However, the biggest barrier to entry for real estate investment … Continue reading An Alternative Way To Invest In Real Estate

Book Review: The Wisdom of Finance

Money is a kind of poetry - Wallace Stevens, Adagia in Opus Posthumous The Wisdom of Finance is a brilliant take on the basics of Finance and introduces a fresh new perspective on financial concepts using literature and history to convey ways in which finance can influence and help us in our daily lives. Regardless … Continue reading Book Review: The Wisdom of Finance

Investment Ideas: iPhone X Suppliers

I'm always frustrated by the lack of investment ideas I have. Just like many other investors, I usually look at the main brands and companies that are openly present in our everyday lives such as Apple, Amazon, and Google. (Ok that is an exaggeration) But I wanted to change that and start looking for more … Continue reading Investment Ideas: iPhone X Suppliers

How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING!

I titled this article with a quote from T. Harv Eker, author, businessman and motivational speaker. While we can't control what life gives us (more lemons for some), we can control our attitude towards it. Most people show up at a job because they have to, not because they want to. They just go with the … Continue reading How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING!