Lessons from 17th Century Tulipomania

How much would you pay for a stalk of tulip? If you haven’t heard of the Tulip Craze in the 17th century, it might surprise you how much people were willing to pay for a stalk of tulip. Courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org The Tulip Craze takes us back to 17th century Holland when speculators were interested … Continue reading Lessons from 17th Century Tulipomania


Facing Your Losses

Red. You've bought a stock you thought will do well and now you're five, ten, maybe even twenty percent down. You look and your portfolio and think to yourself. Shit... what do I do? You're faced with 3 choices. Cut your loss, average down or just hold the stock and pray that it recovers. Let … Continue reading Facing Your Losses

Candlesticks Chart Explained

Every stock or currency pair has a corresponding price chart that details every price movement within a given time-frame. It is common for beginners to read line charts, but the information on a line chart is insufficient as it only takes into account closing prices of each period. Hence, I would like to introduce a … Continue reading Candlesticks Chart Explained

Investing in Companies with Economic Moats can give you an Edge

One of Warren Buffett’s investment rules is to only invest in companies with an economic moat. So what exactly is an economic moat? “In business, I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable ‘moats’.” - Warren Buffett Simply put, the metaphoric “castles” are companies and the moats around those castles are special qualities that they … Continue reading Investing in Companies with Economic Moats can give you an Edge

Tips for those in their 20s, from a 23 year old.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed on this blog are not to be taken as financial advice. We are not professional financial advisers. It is necessary to do your own due diligence before making any investment decision. Recently, CapitalistLAD joined InvestingNote to widen our engagement circle. Our content has been well received by the members of the … Continue reading Tips for those in their 20s, from a 23 year old.

CapitalistLAD Guide to Share Dilution

Have you ever owned a stock that has had their shares diluted? Or looked at the news and wondered what share dilution is and its impact on the value of your investment? Most of the time, individuals seem to perceive share dilution as a negative thing. However, you may be surprised that this is not … Continue reading CapitalistLAD Guide to Share Dilution

What to do in a market correction?

For centuries, capital markets have tide over multiple boom and bust cycles. While each market cycle can be attributed to different events in the economy (i.e. Black Monday, Black Friday, dotcom bubble, sub-prime mortgage crisis), there are inherently two emotions that move markets in either direction - FEAR & GREED! The emotions of market participants … Continue reading What to do in a market correction?

CapitalistLAD goes to Invest Fair Singapore 2017

We went down to INVEST FAIR 2017 to listen to some amazing speakers and to look for interesting new financially innovative companies. I hope you enjoy the video!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGQFJHSPKks Do check out InvestingNote at https://www.investingnote.com/ and Funding Societies at https://fundingsocieties.com/ If you enjoyed the video please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel as well as … Continue reading CapitalistLAD goes to Invest Fair Singapore 2017

How to Buy Your First Stock

It has come to our attention, whilst trying to get people motivated to invest, that the question most individuals have is “How do I start investing?” or (my favourite) “I don’t know what I don’t know so I don’t know where to start!” So today, we have decided to put together this guide to help … Continue reading How to Buy Your First Stock

What moves the market?

The marketplace is nothing but a reflection of “collective wisdom” on the prospects of the underlying assets that make up the market. As the market is always forward-looking the economy, stock prices at any point in time would have already discounted (factored in) the prospects (i.e. good earnings, revenue growth, sector expansion) of a stock. … Continue reading What moves the market?