How to invest with $100?

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Lessons from 17th Century Tulipomania

How much would you pay for a stalk of tulip? If you haven’t heard of the Tulip Craze in the 17th century, it might surprise you how much people were willing to pay for a stalk of tulip. Courtesy of The Tulip Craze takes us back to 17th century Holland when speculators were interested … Continue reading Lessons from 17th Century Tulipomania

Tips for those in their 20s, from a 23 year old.

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What to do in a market correction?

For centuries, capital markets have tide over multiple boom and bust cycles. While each market cycle can be attributed to different events in the economy (i.e. Black Monday, Black Friday, dotcom bubble, sub-prime mortgage crisis), there are inherently two emotions that move markets in either direction - FEAR & GREED! The emotions of market participants … Continue reading What to do in a market correction?

What moves the market?

The marketplace is nothing but a reflection of “collective wisdom” on the prospects of the underlying assets that make up the market. As the market is always forward-looking the economy, stock prices at any point in time would have already discounted (factored in) the prospects (i.e. good earnings, revenue growth, sector expansion) of a stock. … Continue reading What moves the market?

Investing In Thyself: Why you should do public speaking.

We humans are afraid to die. But interestingly, most of us fear public speaking more than death! True story. Search it up on Google and have a good laugh! So why do most people fear public speaking? Well, I would like to think that it has to do with the environment we spend most of … Continue reading Investing In Thyself: Why you should do public speaking.

CapitalistLAD Guide to Ratios: P/B Ratio (Part 2)

P/B Ratio Case Study: Investment arbitrage on KeppelLand *Read part 1 of this article if you haven't already. In early 2014, I bought KeppelLand, a property developer, for $3.30. At $3.30, the P/B ratio was about 0.78. This meant that the stock was trading at a 22% discount to its book value. The P/E was ratio … Continue reading CapitalistLAD Guide to Ratios: P/B Ratio (Part 2)