Trading vs Poker: “Same same but different?”

This article starts with a tinge of colloquialism - "same same but different". Today, we understand how trading and poker have a few things in common. In both fields, you will find consistently profitable individuals that have made a fortune across decades. Now, if you've never studied poker like a math subject, you'd probably think its … Continue reading Trading vs Poker: “Same same but different?”


The Trend Followers.

You may have heard of the maxim "the trend is your friend until the end when it bends". Actually, there is a unique group of traders that subscribe to this concept of trend following. In the fund industry, Commodities Trading Advisors (CTA) are known to be trend followers that trade a myriad of asset classes … Continue reading The Trend Followers.

An Alternative Way To Invest In Real Estate

The Asian investment philosophy emphasizes on the merits of having real estate within an investment portfolio, preferably one that generates regular cash flow. Some of the wealthiest people in Asia own multiple real estate across the region and have benefitted greatly from its capital appreciation. However, the biggest barrier to entry for real estate investment … Continue reading An Alternative Way To Invest In Real Estate

How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING!

I titled this article with a quote from T. Harv Eker, author, businessman and motivational speaker. While we can't control what life gives us (more lemons for some), we can control our attitude towards it. Most people show up at a job because they have to, not because they want to. They just go with the … Continue reading How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING!

8 books wiser by the end of 2018!

You've probably heard of the old adage; "if you're not growing, you're dying". Our life purpose should extend beyond merely existing. If you've only got one shot at this event called life, have a bang of a time! #YOLO Source: The lads are big on self-development. We find every opportunity to feed our hungry … Continue reading 8 books wiser by the end of 2018!

FOREX: Understanding Commodity-Pegged Currencies

This information in this article might be slightly outdated but the gist of it still remains. During one of my presentations in the SMU EYE Investment FOREX Sub-committee I had the chance to test out the correlation between the US Dollar / Canadian Dollar Pair and crude oil (Western Texas Intermediate & Brent).  Of course … Continue reading FOREX: Understanding Commodity-Pegged Currencies

The Relationship: Volatility & 2 Indices.

We're entering the 10th year of the stock market bull run. Equity valuations are arguably "over-priced". The US economy is starting to show good strength, inducing the central bank to push the interest rate lever upwards. It is very likely that we will see several rate hikes in the ensuing periods of this year, but … Continue reading The Relationship: Volatility & 2 Indices.

3 Ways To Blow A FOREX Account

Risking more than 2% per trade “Go hard or go home”. This phrase is being passed around everywhere today. Sounds apt in the gym, but not so much in trading. Many novice traders are guilty of risking a significant amount of their account in any one trade. Trading is a game of probability and randomness … Continue reading 3 Ways To Blow A FOREX Account

Track savings instead of spending.

In an attempt to exercise financial prudence, it is common for most of us to create a budget for expenses. While there are personal finance apps out there to help you out, tracking expenses and keeping within budget can be an arduous process, week after week. For expenses, I only record big ticket items that … Continue reading Track savings instead of spending.