Why you shouldn’t just look at the SGX

Why You Shouldn't Just Look at the SGXwhy-you-shouldnt-just-look-at-the-sgx2.jpg

The Singapore Stock market has long underperformed other global stock markets with under average long-term returns and terrible performance in the last 3-4 years. And even when you look back 25 years, you will find that the STI has only returned 3.5 percent per year. (without dividends) This is hardly helped by economic growth in Singapore which shows no signs of picking up. Not saying that the Singapore stock market is terrible or will be terrible. You still get high dividends which are tax-free and of course, you are definitely still able to pick winning stocks. But there’s no harm in looking overseas where the opportunities are far greater and liquidity is also higher. Even Singaporean companies list abroad like Razer’s recent IPO and Osim’s relocation


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