Save thousands a year with these simple tricks.

Most of us do not realize how we have put ourselves in an endless cycle of consumption. The urge to consume excessively has resulted in us allocating copious amounts of our paycheck towards expenses, rather than investments or retirement planning.

But hope is not lost; we can easily re-structure our spending and saving habits, saving us thousands of dollars a year!

This probably requires some discipline. Most of us subscribe to numerous paid content thinking we will have the time to consume all of it. If one is not enough, consider sharing the subscription with a few friends to split the cost. Get rid of any under-used subscription (if you don’t need it now, you probably won’t need it anytime soon). On this note, we suggest paying manually for these subscription instead of automating it via GIRO. Paying the bill manually will prompt your mind monthly if you really need to pay for this service.

Get home before Cinderella does
If you haven’t realized by now, the cost of a private hire car or taxi past midnight is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. Well, the last I checked, the minimum fare for travelling about 8KM could easily add up to a Double McSpicy Meal Upsize! Assuming you travel slightly farther, you fare would be at least $15. You weekly TGIF expense of transport alone could add up to $60 a month ($720/year). So catch the last train or bus instead, or risk waiting for the first bus the next day!

Automate your savings
This is probably why most Singaporeans are able to buy their first flat with their CPF. The effect of automated savings could save most of us from our disastrous instant-gratifying habits. Most bank accounts offer such a service, so get started with a small amount every month and work your way up as you get more comfortable setting aside your paycheck.

Use Dining Apps
I have become a fan of dining apps because they easily save 10-30% off my dining bills. These apps also allow us the opportunity to check out new places. There are many new apps available and they all offer different incentives. Take your time to explore which ones provide the best rewards and cost savings!

So here are just four simple ways to save a ton load of money by the end of this year. Try it and let us know if it helps!

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Till next week, have a good weekend!




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