Poker Table to Hedgefund: An unconventional talent acquisition.

One of the world's most successful hedgefunds, Bridgewater Associates, explored an unusual approach to talent acquisition earlier this year. Bridgewater, founded by American billionaire investor Ray Dalio turned to the poker tables when they decided to hire professional poker player Vanessa Selbst. Vanessa Selbst won close to $12 million during her poker stint as is considered the … Continue reading Poker Table to Hedgefund: An unconventional talent acquisition.


Trading vs Poker: “Same same but different?”

This article starts with a tinge of colloquialism - "same same but different". Today, we understand how trading and poker have a few things in common. In both fields, you will find consistently profitable individuals that have made a fortune across decades. Now, if you've never studied poker like a math subject, you'd probably think its … Continue reading Trading vs Poker: “Same same but different?”

The Best Investors You Probably Havent Heard Of

Most people new to investing would have only heard of Warren Buffett and George Soros. So to broaden your horizons here are 3 great investors who have consistently achieved spectacular returns and books that can help you achieve similar returns.

The Trend Followers.

You may have heard of the maxim "the trend is your friend until the end when it bends". Actually, there is a unique group of traders that subscribe to this concept of trend following. In the fund industry, Commodities Trading Advisors (CTA) are known to be trend followers that trade a myriad of asset classes … Continue reading The Trend Followers.