8 books wiser by the end of 2018!

You’ve probably heard of the old adage; “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”. Our life purpose should extend beyond merely existing. If you’ve only got one shot at this event called life, have a bang of a time! #YOLO


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The lads are big on self-development. We find every opportunity to feed our hungry minds. One of the best ways to improve yourself is through others’ works. Searching online may be great, but usually you are bombarded with a ton load of marketing materials before getting to the thick of things. Nothing beats the old school paperback or hardcover books you find in the shelves! If you’re not an avid reader or you’re reading into a new subject matter, you could always do a categorical search on Amazon (not promoting) or people who are familiar in that subject. For example, if you’re looking for titles to explore in the area of investing, trading or finance, check out our previous post or drop us a message at our Facebook page and we’d be happy to suggest a few titles.

NOW, I know you’re wondering how do you read EIGHT books in 2018. We’ve got 9.5 months left in 2018 and there’s no reason why you cannot finish reading 8 books! You just need a reading PLAN!
Let me show you how.


  • Each book is 350-400 pages long
  • You have 30 mins a day for reading

What your daily reading plan looks like….

  • Commit to 30 mins of focused reading. No phones or computer screens near you!
  • Read 10 pages a day.

That’s about it! Keep it simple so you can stick to the plan. You don’t have to push yourself by trying to read one chapter a day (unless they’re 10 pages long). Consistency is what we’re trying to achieve here!

Here’s the math in case you’re wondering

  • Target for 2018: 350 pages x 8 books = 2,800 pages
  • Time left: 9.5 months
  • CapitalistLAD Reading Plan: 10 pages/day x 30 days a month x 9.5 months = 2,850

We wish you all the best in your personal enrichment! “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

reading 2.jpg

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Till next week, have a good weekend!


Nigel Fernandez




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