Best Investment Books for Beginners


Here are our top 3 recommendations for investing books for beginners!


The first one we would recommend that is really easy to understand for the beginner investor is: One Up on Wall Street By Peter Lynch


He is one of the most famous fund managers returning an average of 29.2% per annum at the Magellan Fund which is part of Fidelity. The book is great because there is a wealth of great advice, all written in a very humorous and easy to understand manner. This is probably the first book I would recommend to any beginner. There are a lot of stories that he tells about his winning investments and also ones that he made mistakes or missed out on making the book extremely engaging. 10/10 must read!


The second one we would recommend is:  The Little Book that Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt. 


It repeats the same concept over and over again but it is very easy to understand and also gives you a backtested method of obtaining superior results. It is a short book with a concise method of picking stocks. But I shan’t give away any more because I think you should read it for yourself! 🙂


Our last recommendation would be: The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham


This is a more heavy duty and read it only if you are very serious about learning because this book is a  lot harder to understand than the previous 2 recommendations. However, since it is written by Warren Buffett’s mentor and also the book that he calls “The best investment book ever written” I believe you will get a lot out of reading this book. I believe that this book is a must read especially if you want to start value investing.


Hope this list helps you to start investing and achieve financial freedom!

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