CapitalistLAD Joyful Christmas Guide


As we usher in the season of joy and giving this fall, let us not forget the importance of keeping to prudent financial habits. In fact, Christmas doesn’t have to be an expensive occasion. Here are some easy-on-the-wallet festive tips the lads here would like to share with you.

Stay home and feast!

Forget about eating Christmas set menus at restaurants or hotel buffets this season. Christmas is a time to get together with friends and family over a nice meal, exchanging meaningful conversations and presents (oh I loved this part as a kid). My favourite way to spend Christmas is to cook up a feast and invite friends and family over for a hearty feast. If you are not expecting many guests, you don’t need to get a turkey. In fact, turkey has never been on my Christmas menu. Here are some recommended dishes you can prepare this Christmas for your house party, while keeping on a budget.

*calls out Chef Ramsay*

  1. Lemon Pepper Shrimp Pasta
  2. Meatballs Or just buy frozen ones from Ikea 😉
  3. Shepherd’s Pie
  4. Devilled Eggs
  5. Apple Salad

Home-made cookies

What better way to end off the Christmas dinner than with a few pieces of homemade cookies and a glass of warm milk (by the fireplace preferably). If you don’t have the time to make your own cookies, we know a home baker that does really good cookies.

Cookie 3.jpgCookie 2.jpgcookie-1.jpg

She is taking pre-orders now, drop us a message via Facebook @capitalistlad if you’re keen to order some homemade cookies this Christmas. *We’ve already place a huge order for our lil’ Christmas party*

Gardens By The Bay: Christmas Wonderland

Soak up the Christmas experience by taking a walk down Gardens By The Bay this season at Christmas Wonderland 2017. There are lots of insta-worthy Christmas lightings and decorations that you must check out with friends and family. This could be a nice pre-Christmas feast idea! Admission starts from as low as $4. More details at Christmaswonderland2017

Christmas wonderland.jpg

Courtesy of

Marks & Spencer Christmas Goodies

This is my favourite place to get christmas goodies. In fact, some are also ideal as Christmas presents. Get all Christmas goodies and gifts at a reasonable price tag.


Courtesy of Marks & Spencer Singapore.

So here are just a few ways you can be merry this season! The Capitalistlad team wishes you happy holidays!

Like always, share this article with someone special this season, so that we can bring more financial wisdom to your and your loved ones in 2018! New content coming your way *eggciteddd*


Nigel Fernandez

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