What moves the market?

The marketplace is nothing but a reflection of “collective wisdom” on the prospects of the underlying assets that make up the market. As the market is always forward-looking the economy, stock prices at any point in time would have already discounted (factored in) the prospects (i.e. good earnings, revenue growth, sector expansion) of a stock. … Continue reading What moves the market?


Time is Money: Maths Edition

Is $100,000 worth more today or in a year's time? Most people would want to use that money to solve their current problems, like pay off their student debt, buy an apartment or a car, etc. Why would anyone want it later when they can have it now? Investors see this in a very similar … Continue reading Time is Money: Maths Edition

How “Printing Money” Changed The Money Game.

In this article, we discuss the various strategies central banks around the world use to control the monetary system we operate in.

How Taxes Shape Your City

Taxes shape your city. Sometimes it is an unintended consequence, but ultimately the shape of the city and the buildings in it are largely determined by the various taxes imposed on real estate. The most obvious way this happens are the tax incentives the government uses on corporations to convince them to relocate to strategic … Continue reading How Taxes Shape Your City