The Beginnings

Dear all,

Nigel and I decided to start this blog to engage apathetic youth and help already enthusiastic young investors in their journey to achieve their financial goals. We have been deliberating over the idea of starting a blog for the longest time! We are really excited and very happy to share what we have learnt so far to help other youths learn more about finance.

The focus of this blog is fluid and may change. Articles will be released every Friday (mark your calendar!), with shorter bit-sized articles sporadically throughout the week, touching on topics such as economics, investing, trading, and entrepreneurship. We have some exciting ideas and concepts lined up and we can’t wait for you to join us on this learning journey going forward.

Meanwhile, subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to receive our content! And if you find our content useful (of course you will!), quit being selfish and hit the “SHARE” button! Tell your friends about us and we promise that we will be doubly motivated to provide you more content.


Brandon Lau and Nigel Fernandez


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