On Sabbatical

If you have been following us religiously and keeping your eye peeled for our weekly content, I apologize. I decided to take a long break from producing content due to other commitments that takes up a good portion of my energy. As such, my team has decided to take a break until I am back. … Continue reading On Sabbatical


Potential upside for USDCAD

USDCAD: On Friday's close, USDCAD held above previous structure, 1.2894 - 1.2889. However, as there was quite a strong bearish momentum coming down towards this previous structure, it would be good to see more bullish strength, before determining if the pair could head up. If the pair would continue to sell down, the next level to … Continue reading Potential upside for USDCAD

More downside for AUDUSD?

AUDSUD: After breaking the significant support level (0.717 – 0.7183), AUDUSD showed some retracement in this trading week and tested this structure level and show upside weakness. It is highly possible that this level (0.717 – 0.7183), might hold the pair and continue the downtrend for the coming week. Legend: Monthly Levels: Represented in Red Weekly Levels: Represented … Continue reading More downside for AUDUSD?

Why you shouldn’t just look at the SGX

The Singapore Stock market has long underperformed other global stock markets with under average long-term returns and terrible performance in the last 3-4 years. And even when you look back 25 years, you will find that the STI has only returned 3.5 percent per year. (without dividends) This is hardly helped by economic growth in … Continue reading Why you shouldn’t just look at the SGX

EURGBP: Strength on the Upside

EURGBP:  EURGBP is trading above the 200EMA and also broken way above the weekly trend line resistance. As of Friday's close, the pair has broke and close above the daily resistance, which could indicate further possible upside action. The 2 levels that could potentially hold the pair would be 0.91120, 0.91730 which was previous levels … Continue reading EURGBP: Strength on the Upside

Technicals for EURUSD

EURUSD: After breaking out from the consolidation area, EURUSD is currently showing retracement from the downtrend. The support zone for the consolidation (1.1545 - 1.1555) happens to show confluence with the 50% Fibonacci Retracement levels of the current wave and this area would be a good area to watch. Legend: Monthly Levels: Represented in Red … Continue reading Technicals for EURUSD

Reasons Why You Should Invest Globally

From my experience, many don’t venture outside of their comfort zones. It has taken me a couple of years before I dared to venture beyond the Singapore and US markets. When investing many choose to invest in companies close to their hearts and mostly within some distance of geographical proximity. It may not be a … Continue reading Reasons Why You Should Invest Globally

Resuming the uptrend for USDCAD?

USDCAD: As of Friday's close, USDCAD showed strong bullish price action after testing the previous structure (~1.3), where it also saw strong bullish price action in the past. It is highly possible that the bullish price action will continue for the next week. 3 prices point that might potentially see some sellers coming in, 2 … Continue reading Resuming the uptrend for USDCAD?